“Get your affairs in order,” was the cardiologist’s advice. That was eleven years ago. Today with a healthy heart, Les Nachmann is enjoying the ride of his life in his bright red Corvette.

For several years, Les and his wife Cindy, founders of LivOn Labs, searched for a treatment that would not only prolong Les’ life, but also improve his damaged heart. Then they discovered the power of large doses of vitamin C via intravenous injection (IV). Unfortunately, this treatment was time-consuming, uncomfortable, and expensive. There had to be a better way to administer the vitamin C. That’s when they began the search for a way to get IV vitamin C results from an oral supplement. Ultimately, they learned about liposome encapsulation technology (LET).

Two years later, LivOn Labs developed Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C utilizing LET. Today, this nutritional supplement is the most bioavailable, most effective oral vitamin C available anywhere.

From the day LivOn launched their flagship product, Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C, people began to experience its power. Now more than a million people worldwide benefit from this supplement.

As Les drives his shiny red ‘Vette to work everyday he focuses on just one thing: sharing the power of Lypo-Spheric® products with everyone. Because of their experience with high-dose Vitamin C, Les and Cindy truly believe that LivOn’s Lypo-Spheric® products belong in every household.