Picture this – you are fifteen minutes into a packed cross-Atlantic flight and your seatmate starts sniffling and coughing! Unless you are traveling with a face mask and Lysol you are probably going to spend your vacation gripping handfuls of tissue.

This is exactly what happened on my flight to Ireland this past August! Having traveled frequently, I was already prepared for a sniffling, coughing seatmate. So, instead of filling my suitcase with Kleenex, I filled my carry-on with packets of LivOn Labs’ vitamin C.

This is a product that my husband and I developed when he was told to “get his affairs in order.” The product which we created emulates the benefits of an IV. Unlike vitamin C pills and powders, which are basically flushed out of your system, our product, LivOn Labs’ Vitamin C, relies on “liposomal” technology which ensures that the vitamin C is absorbed into the bloodstream and into the cells that need it the most.  Each small packet contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. I personally start my day with one or two packets. As the day progresses, if my schedule is still non-stop but my body wants to stop, several more packets keep me going and feeling great!

Whether you are packing your bags or simply trying to stay on schedule, try our LivOn Vitamin C today. Free shipping when you order online at www.livonlabs.com. Or call toll free 1.866.790.2107. 100% Money Back Guarantee.