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Start you day with a shot of support for your immune system, metabolism, skin, and more. For a limited time, buy get a carton of Lypo-Glutathione free when you buy one carton each of Lypo-C and Lypo-B. Order as many bundles of B, C, and Glutathione as you want for $88.90 from this page.


Save $74.95 with this exclusive bundle

A good training day starts with good nutrition. For a limited time, get a carton of Lypo-Glutathione free when you buy one carton each of Lypo-C and Lypo-B. Limit 6 bundles while supplies last.


sugar free, vegan
gluten free, non gmo
no artificial flavors, no fillers or colorants
dairy free, hexane free



All three of these supplements contain nutrients critical for optimal immune system health that are easily depleted and hard to absorb from food and traditional supplements.

Your body also can’t store them, so your immune cells need a constant influx of these nutrients to do their job. While each is powerful on their own, no true immune supporting ritual is complete without supporting optimal levels of vitamin C, B12, folate, B6, zinc, and glutathione.⁠

A better way to absorb critical nutrients

Scientifically shown to absorb 50% better in white blood cells than a Vitamin C powder
icon representing protection from free radical damage
Uses Setria® Glutathione, which is clinically shown to raise blood glutathione levels by 30%
icon representing support for immune system
Uses active forms of all B vitamins, including a pre-methylated folate

Buy 1 Carton Lypo-C + 1 Carton Lypo-B, Get 1 Carton Lypo-Glutathione Free deal open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia. Deal is void in Canada, Puerto Rico, and where prohibited by law.

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