Why LivOn Labs Supplements?

LivOn Labs is the first dietary supplement company to use Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, introducing the first Liposomal Vitamin C supplement in 2004.

all lypo-spheric product cartons stacked in a pyramid

the standard in liposomal supplements.

Since then, LivOn Labs has been setting the standard for high-quality liposomal supplements by utilizing true liposomal encapsulation processes while adhering to stringent manufacturing, safety, and quality protocols.

thorough testing for safety and effectiveness.

Each supplement spends at least two years in research and development to ensure safety and efficacy prior to making it available to the public. We do not “fast-track” products just because of market demand.

Every batch is tested at critical points throughout production and packaging for ingredient content, microbiological agents, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants.

Products are only released after a thorough Quality review.

Real liposomal encapsulation.

All our liposomal supplements have at least an equal ratio of phospholipids to key nutrients, which ensures sufficient material to encapsulate the nutrient.

To produce real liposomes, the phospholipids must be introduced to a liquid-based environment (water or another liquid must be included on the ingredient label) through a true Liposomal Encapsulation process such as our patented system. 

all lypo-spheric product cartons stacked in a pyramid

Optimal product freshness

Liposomes are extremely sensitive to oxygen and heat. Repeated exposure to air, such as a opening and closing a multi-use bottle, degrades the supplement and compromises its effectiveness. High-quality liposomal supplements like ours come in single-dose packages.


Maximum Absorption, minimum ingredients.

LivOn Labs only uses ingredients absolutely necessary to make a safe and effective product.

Every single ingredient helps maximize absorption of the encapsulated nutrient, not enhance taste.