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britt turpack holding packets of LYPO C, MAG, and GSH

5 reasons to take supplements

Identifying the 5 reasons to take supplements, individualized for every person, can help to maintain the routine that best supports health. Learn a mental health keynote speaker's top 5 reasons to take supplements and her top 5 supplements.

By Britt Turpack, mental health keynote speaker and pilates instructor

Our modern lifestyles often make it challenging to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone. Stress, environmental factors, and even the way food is processed can deplete essential vitamins and minerals from our bodies. I’m sure there are more than 5 reasons to take supplements (particularly supplements as effective as the ones from my beloved LivOn Labs!), but for me, these are the ones that motivate me to keep my routine.

I take supplements because I travel a lot

A major part of my work as a keynote speaker requires traveling all over the country addressing corporations, college students, and everyone in between about mental health practices. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, travel takes a toll (pun intended) on my body. Stress depletes so many nutrients, like B vitamins and magnesium, and I know I need even more of them when they are toughest for me to get. That’s why I always pack my LivOn Labs supplements!

It’s not just the stress of travel, but its disruption to normal routine. Sleep is never as restorative in a hotel as in my own bed, food is rarely as nourishing from a takeout menu as when I prepare it myself. 

When I travel, I’m operating at a deficit — and I’m at the mercy of transportation and lodging companies. The one thing I can control is sucking down my supplements.

I take supplements because my work requires me to be 100%

When a company or university books me for a speaking gig, I can’t just phone it in (literally or figuratively) if I start feeling rotten. I need to be at my best or I’m not doing my job. I take supplements to minimize the bad days by making sure I have sufficient levels of the nutrients that keep my going. 

I take supplements because it helps my mental health

Whether each supplement I take actually supports my brain (like choline-containing LivOn Labs supplements do!) is beside the point. Knowing I’m doing all I can for my body and mind just helps me feel more at ease. The last thing I need is to stress about sub-optimal magnesium levels; I just take my shot and get on with my life.


I take supplements to practice what I preach

What kind of wellness-focused keynote speaker would I be if I only talked the talk? Probably one that wouldn’t have anyone listening. I live the lifestyle I tell others to because I know mental and physical wellness are deeply intertwined and you can’t have one without the other. 

I take supplements to keep an active role in my health

It’s easy to overlook our health until something goes wrong. That wake-up call that something needs to change. Maybe out of desperation or maybe from receiving news you always feared. 

But what if we flipped the script? What if, instead of reacting to health crises, we took a proactive stance and embraced wellness from a place of prevention? I take supplements to fill the nutritional gaps and support my body's natural defenses. By building a daily ritual of supplements and other health practices (like movement and mindfulness), I have a sustainable way to support my health for the long-term.

The supplements I take 

So, to meet those 5 reasons to take supplements, I have five supplements that I swear by. 

As I am on-the-go a lot, Lypo-Spheric® Vitamin C is a non-negotiable to keep my immune system healthy and strong. If I am feeling a bit rundown, I will double or triple up my LYPO C. 

Lypo-Spheric® Magnesium works wonders to support my sleep and to help me manage sore muscles. I am moving a lot for fun and for my job as a pilates teacher so it is essential to take magnesium on a regular basis to support recovery.

Lypo-Spheric® Glutathione is my go-to supplement all things body and brain, keeping me sharp and functioning at my best!

I also take Lypo-Spheric® B Complex when I feel I really need some additional support for cellular energy (like when I’m recovering from travel!), but I am just not as regular with that one.

An additional supplement that I love for skin health is the line of gummies from Paya!

These are the five reasons I take supplements, but everyone has a different lifestyle, this different needs. I find that by identifying and reminding myself of these 5 reasons, I'm more likely to stick to my routine (and even suck them straight from the packet when I'm on the road!). What are the five reasons you take supplements?

Britt Turpack is a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. Through her work as a keynote speaker, mental health educator and certified pilates teacher, Britt inspires individuals to prioritize self-care and embrace proactive wellness. She is always so grateful to partner with LivOn Labs to promote a preventive approach to health and empower others to live their healthiest lives.

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Britt's credentials:

  • NAMI Representative (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
  • Peer Support Certified under NAMI
  • 500 hour certified yoga teacher
  • Lagree Certified Mat Pilates
  • Certified Life Coaching Certification Southwest Institute of Healing Arts