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Maksim chmerikovsky holding packets of lypo spheric supplements

Get to Know Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Dance pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy wants to live to 120. Find out how he thrives while dealing with physical and mental stress.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy wants to live to 120.

And, if he wants his advanced years to be anything like his thirties, this centenarian will be launching new businesses left and right. That is when he’s not on the dance floor teaching his signature moves — that helped him win several International Latin dancing titles and a season of Dancing with the Stars — to Shai’s grandkids.

As a professional dancer, entrepreneur, and new dad, Maks needs to be sharp every day, both physically and mentally. He left the cushy gig at Dancing with the Stars to take his family on the road with the grueling Confidential tour, in which he graced the stage in 48 cities with his wife Peta Murgatroyd and brother Valentin. The Chmerkovskiy brothers recently opened Dance With Me, a chain of studios across the country that teach ballroom dancing to adults looking for a rewarding physical activity. The brothers make regular appearances.

Maks’s celebrity and popularity present new entrepreneurial opportunities on a regular basis. Then there’s Shai. Based on Maks’s Instagram posts, the toddler is already a dancing machine, taking after mom and dad. Even if the little guy’s a natural at the dance, raising a kid while balancing several business ventures and a physically demanding career requires better balance than performing Argentine tango in heels.

Maks Chmerkovskiy with Lypo-Spheric supplements by a window

Balance of physical training and recovery. Balance of work and family time. Balance of all the elements that cause stress with the realization that those activities are the things that make life worth living.

“In addition to constant physical stress on the body — aches and pains due to consistent exercise, rehearsals, etc. — I endure a lot of mental stress from self-managing mostly everything in my life and running my businesses to dealing with being a new father,” Maks says.

“In my opinion it is important to understand what stress actually is, what kind of effects it has on your overall health and how all of that affects everything around you. With that knowledge you can find a way to deal with stressful moments in your life while avoiding secretion of stress hormones with all their terrible effects on your mental and physical health. In addition to this I realized that healthy routine of diet, exercise and correct supplements helps in repair of some of the damage of stress.”

That’s where the balance comes in. Subjecting his body to the stress of dancing gave Maks the skills to become a household name in his field. Self-managing means freedom to explore new opportunities for a diverse and rewarding career that includes, but isn’t wholly dependent on, performing on the stage. And, while raising a child may be the most stressful of all endeavors, no one will tell you it isn’t the most important.

So, what does Maks do to keep the stressors from having an adverse effect on his health?

“I do that by being smart about what I eat, keep a consistent workout routine that my body responds well to, lots of rehab, and supplements,” Maks says.

Those supplements, of course, are Lypo-Spheric®. Maks has made endorsements clear with his emphatic, impassioned Instagram posts and videos, which often feature himself and his family taking the supplements in unconventional ways.

“I never took supplements before. After doing my research I understood that LivOn is simply more superior in absorption and quality than any other product.”

It started when his doctor recommended them. Maks is careful with his nutrition. As he says, “nothing goes into my body that I don’t need and I get enough of everything my body does need.” That latter part meant he needed supplements.

“I understood that no matter how much I eat I probably would never be able to get enough of essential vitamins and minerals needed to keep me at my best. So I had to substitute and I wanted to get the most out of what I’m taking. Understanding what ‘Lypo-Spheric® encapsulation’ and ‘liposomal delivery’ means made me realize that I simply won’t get as much as my body requires from any other product out there.”

He takes all the Lypo-Spheric® supplements. One after the other. Every morning. And he chases with coffee. That’ll wake you up.

That’s part of what Maks calls his “overall health equation”. The rest of the balance comes from days off, which he defines as, “when you don’t do something for a reason or with hopes of gaining something out of it.” On those off days, he spends time with his family, usually doing something active, but just for fun.

“I work a lot but I try to make as much time as I can for my family and friends. My wellness is something I do everyday and without days off, because if I don’t have my health I won’t be able to balance anything.”

And if he didn’t have his health now, he certainly wouldn’t have it at 120.