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mental health advocate Britt Turpack and a group of college students pose outdoors at an event

Guest post: Mental Health Advocate Britt Turpack

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we teamed up with advocate Britt Turpack to help prioritize mental, as well as physical, wellness.

Hi, LIVON LABS friends! My name is Britt and I am a mental health advocate and speaker as well as Pilates teacher. You may have recently seen me on the LivOn Labs social pages promoting my Pilates classes on college campuses (more on that another time). As a mental health advocate, my number 1 intention is to help others prioritize their mental health just as much as they do their physical and spiritual health.

After all, health is health and it’s all interconnected, right? One can’t function properly without the other and I know how it’s really easy to put brain health to the side. But think about it: if your physical health is poor and your body is not functioning at an optimal level, how do you expect to FEEL GOOD?! It is nearly impossible, isn’t it?!

When it comes to my daily mental health toolkit routine there are a few practices I do without fail:

First, when I wake up in the morning I avoid looking at my phone for at least 30 minutes, hopefully an hour. Even if I turn off my alarm via my phone I make sure it's on airplane mode from the night before as to not be bombarded with notifications.

After I hop out of bed I find my seat and mediate. Usually around 10–20 minutes every single day.

After my morning meditation, I open up the journal by my bed and write a gratitude list alongside a few minutes of free writing. It's really liberating just writing without an expectation (highly recommended).

Prior to my morning cup of joe, I drink a glass of water and take one shot of Lypo-C. I started taking LivOn Labs products religiously a couple years ago and I SWEAR they have been a major reason my body has been so resilient. As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps mitigate oxidative stress. For me, taking it every day just helps me FEEL BETTER. And we all know you need to feel good to live your best life!

I drink my coffee (GET YOUR COFFEE GET YOUR DAY) and I finish off the routine with MOVEMENT. Maybe it's Pilates, a yoga class, or even going for a walk; I always end my morning by moving my body.

I complete the day with Lypo-Mag and a glass of water. The bookends to my sleep are so essential to my mental health and feeling my best.

May is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH. While I can’t say for sure what’s best for you and your schedule, I just wanted to make sure that taking care of your mental well-being is top of mind!

-Britt Turpack