Mind Pump listeners, get FREE sample packs of all 6 supplements with any purchase.

The Mind Pump

Recommended Better way to Absorb Vitamins + Nutrients

Exclusively for Mind Pump listeners, order any product and get a sample pack of all 6 supplements free.

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The Mind Pump

Recommended a Better way to Absorb Vitamins + Nutrients

Exclusively for Mind Pump listeners, order any product and get a sample pack of all 6 supplements free.

“LivOn really understands the absorption problem with nutrient supplementation and they have solved it. I literally feel their products, whereas I typically don’t with other brands.”

Sal Di Stefano

Why you Need Lypo-Spheric® Supplements

  • Stress, sugar, excess body fat, lack of sleep, environmental contaminants, and digestive problems —  if you’re living in the 21st century, you’re encountering situations and substances that deplete nutrients. And those same conditions make it difficult to absorb these nutrients from traditional oral supplements.
  • Lypo-Spheric® supplements are the first to use Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, previously only used by pharmaceutical companies to maximize absorption of life-saving drugs.
  • When encapsulated in liposomes, the nutrients bypass the body’s restrictive pathways for maximum absorption in the cells where they are needed.
  • Your body can’t store water-soluble nutrients — like the ones in our Lypo-Spheric supplements — so your body excretes any that aren’t immediately absorbed.


Vitamin C

The top-selling liposomal vitamin C since 2004.


  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Helps protect cells from free radical damage*
  • Supports muscle recovery from normal exercise*
  • Supports skin firmness*

B Complex Plus

The best forms of all the B vitamins, including methylated folate, as well as immune-supporting minerals zinc and selenium.


  • Use as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar levels in the normal range*
  • Formulated to help prevent the formation of damaging metabolic end products*
  • Supports safe and natural cellular energy*


The “master antioxidant,” delivered in a way you can absorb at home.


  • Helps protect cells from free radical damage*
  • Supports a healthy liver*
  • Supports optimal cellular health*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*


Such a powerful blood sugar and insulin sensitivity supporter, it needs a prescription in some countries.


  • Supports cellular energy production*
  • Supports healthy insulin sensitivity*
  • Supports healthy glucose levels already in the normal range*
  • Supports weight management when combined with diet and exercise*


The ultimate brain supplement for long-term cognitive function.


  • Supports a healthy brain and memory*
  • Supports bone health and nervous system functions*
  • Supports optimal cognitive function*
  • May facilitate learning and a relaxed mood*


This special type of carnitine is fuel to keep brain cells alive.


  • Supports healthy brain and nerve function*
  • Supports and maintains cellular energy production*
  • Supports optimal neurological health*
  • Supports you in handling the effects of oxidative stress*

The True, Trusted Liposomal Supplements

non-GMO, sugar free
No sugar
vegan, gluten free
No artificial flavors or colorants
hexane free, dairy free
Thoroughly tested for contaminants
No fillers or colorants, no artificial flavors
Each product spends 2+ years in research and development
Real liposomal encapsulation

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