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3d render image of a spine, which requires vitamins for healthy bones, on a blue background

Vitamins for Bones

It’s about more than milk; strong bones need a constant influx of several vitamins and minerals. Learn how to consume optimal vitamins for bones.
3d illustration of arterial plaque that could contain oxidized cholesterol

Oxidized Cholesterol

Excess arterial cholesterol can oxidize in the presence of free radicals. Learn how it happens and what you can do to prevent oxidized cholesterol.
close up of woman's hands holding lit cigarette and red wine glass

Glutathione Depletion

21st century life challenges our ability to keep optimal glutathione levels. Learn specific causes of glutathione depletion and what you can do about it.
Vegetarian man eating salad indoors

Supplements for Vegans

It’s not just B-12; numerous nutrients are scarce when you cut animal products from your diet. Learn the important supplements for vegans.
Smiling retired woman listening to music while stretching legs outdoors. Senior woman enjoying daily routine warming up before running at morning. Sporty lady doing leg stretches before workout and looking at camera.

What Does Carnitine Do?

Carnitine carries fat to the mitochondria to be transformed into energy for your cells. Find out how this affects your body composition, heart, and brain.