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plate of salmon, eggs, and asparagus

Eating for Brain Health

Eating for brain health is eating for the whole body. Read this list of seven essential brain nutrients and how to easily incorporate them into your meals every day.
older woman smiling and stretching outdoors

How to Increase Collagen Naturally

Collagen is responsible for healthy skin, tendons, muscles, and more. Want to learn how to increase collagen naturally? Find out how with these five tips from a board-certified nutritionist.
back of woman with thick, blond hair

Vitamins and Healthy Hair

It takes a variety of vitamins to keep your hair healthy...and probably not the ones you think. Read about the relationship between vitamins and healthy hair.
overhead photo of salmon kimchi bowl

Salmon Kimchi Bowl Recipe

Get a mouthful of the most elusive nutrients in this quick, easy, one-bowl dish from nutritionist and classically trained chef Mia Rigden.
group of young adults laughing

7 Tips for Stress Management

Stress management is key to maintaining a healthy mind and body while still doing all the things you need and love to do. Learn seven stress management tips from a mental health keynote speaker.
jars of fermented foods on a counter with person standing behind it

5 Ways to Support Nutrient Absorption

The amount of nutrients you consume and the amount your body absorbs can differ drastically! Learn how to maximize nutrient absorption from food and supplements with these five tips from nutritionist Mia Rigden.